Saturday, February 18, 2006

Back in the game, innit to win it, and have I got some new material

Okay, I don't know if this is the stuff used by the big magicians doing mentalism or not, I haven't gotten it from them, I found some really interesting techniques and am working them into magic routines. Things like an infallible mental force, and some patter that will make a person belive you are reading their mind, even if you suck, they will be so convinced...(I actually had a friend scared out of his everlovin mind!)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Lateral Double Lift

Hey All;

Honestly, I am not quite sure what to call this, it's sorta a push off double lift, but we kinda reserve that for the most coveted of DLs.


You will show two cards as one.


1) Hold the deck in a comfortable grip.

2) With your thumb, apply pressure to the top card a push it out laterally, or side ways :)

3) Continue pushing till to cards a pushed off enough for the tip of your pinky finger to lift them slightly of the deck.

4) Squeeze the deck hard with your pinky and make sure some of the padding on the pinky forces a separation between the top two cards and the deck.

5) use the thumb, or your other hand to move the top two cards back into place, square them off.

And boom, you are ready to turn the top two cards over whenever you like. Just grab them up at the break and turn them over. As you turn them, be sure to squeeze with your pinky to make sure you have a break under them when you set them down face up.

Friday, May 20, 2005

The Rifle Double Lift

The double lift is most likely the most common trick used in Card Magic. There are many ways to do it, most of them very easy.

Basically you are going to lift two cards off the deck and show them as one.

Rifle Lift:
Holding the cards in a loose grip, you will use your opposite hand's middle finger to rifle up the side of the pack, stoping for a meer instant at the second from the top, keeping pressure on the two cards, you will turn them over in place.

To get the DL again, repeat the action. It may seem odd at first, but this is a great DL because it looks very natural and un-practiced.

Pictures coming soon.

Monday, March 07, 2005

The essentials Part I Section A

The essential part of magic with cards, or with any ''Prop" is not flashy or dexterious handling, but to look naturally inept. The best, and often most convincing magic tricks are performed by "The Successful Bumbler".

This requires careful definition, as you may too quickly create your routine or individual performance to imply incompetence. This is a bad idea.

The most convincing magic is very quick, very visual, and is comprised of absolutely no unnatural movement. If you act like a card shark, then all you will get in response your magic is the all too common and completely obvious statement "Thats just slight of hand!"

Well DuH!

Instead; it is best to keep flourishes to a minimum. Try not to overcut the cards in a fancy way. But do not feign complete incompetence.

Essential 1:

You must have two, and no less, ways to cut the cards. One should be a real cut, beyond reproach and contestation. The best way to do this is to hold out you hand, palm up, set the deck face down and allow the spectator to take off half, then you lift the other half, have the spectator place his half face down on your palm, then you set your half on top. Voila! You have an indisputable cut.

The second cut should be a false cut that brings the chosen card to the top, or anyplace you want it, generally the top.

I use a three stage swing cut that I will discuss with you shortly. Sometimes I employ a swing cut to undercut which gives me the same effect, and is almost completely impervious to spectators. Too many movements, they can't believe you could keep or mark a card with such a quick natural looking cut.

Essential 2:

You must understand, and practice again, and again, and again, injogging and false Faro Shuffling.
The technique you use must be beyond questioning. It must be quick, natural and fool proof. It will need to be smooth with no unnecessary pauses. You should run smoothly from a quick cut that brings the card to the top, right into a foolproof injog shuffle/False Faro. 1 only please, don't get excessive or carried away.

Often times you can skip the shuffle especially if you have a good audience, people who want to entertained and are not interested in spoiling the mood by making you stop to prove that their card isn't marked etc...

It's best to simply ignore them, unless they are your target spectator.

Essential 3:

You must have 3-4 ways to allow the spectator to choose a card, at least 1-2 of them should be Forces.

Essential 4:

You must know the Pass. You will learn it here, with some variations and notes on concealing it.

Essential 5:

You must have 1-2 Show Stopping tricks. They must absolutely blow everyone away, and you must be able to do them without preparation. A good one is a visual productions from a Horizontal Palm, Or the Back Palm Vanish...A super cool vanish that can be done inches away from someone's face and will blow them out of the water.

Other good ones are Torn And Restored, Floating a Card etc... One of my favs, I don't know what to call it, but Blaine does something similar where he tosses the deck at the window and the card appears on the other side, good trick, but requires a partner, or you can do it alone with some beeswax :) I will let you imagine that one for a bit before I cover it.

Thats all for today kids :) Check back tomorrow, hoping to get some images/videos up one of these days.

Tour de Magie

We have all seen David Blaine perform unfathomable magic tricks with just a deck of cards, leaving us to wonder how'd he do that? Well, the answer to the question will ellicit from you 1 reaction from a possible 2.

1: You will wow, ain't that neat, and you will go back to your daily life, remembering the trick only when it is once again performed for you. It will of course be nothing more than sleight of hand. You will no longer enjoy magic. No just this trick, but all tricks. You will apply the same remedy to every performance. If in one trick the card is marked with the finger to keep track during a shuffle, then this will of course be the solution to every card trick you will ever encounter.

You will become the most loathed of spectators, an ignorant person who believes he/she knows. You will attempt to ruin every performance and assert yourself as equal or superior to the performer. You will live a bitter and unpleasant existance, never allowing yourself to part with your ego for a moment and allow the magic to sweep you off you feet. You will lose the beginner's mind. You will never attain enlightenment because you believe that you know. I feel a small pain in my heart for you.

2: The simplicity of it all will strike you as magnificent, you will want to know more, everything. It will consume you quickly, and totally. Like David Blaine put it, though he was not the first to utter this phrase, "You don't get into Magic, Magic gets into you." The beautiful simplicity of The Pass, the False Shuffle will make you swoon. You will be consumed by the passion that is magic.

If you believe, for the slightest instant, that you will be like 1, then do not read my blog, I feel for you, but you are not welcome in my home. Please leave, and never come back.

If you are like 2, then stay awhile and I will keep nothing hidden from you, so that you may hide from others. I will teach you all that I know, free. That is free in the sense that you must not pay me money, and that you may tell anyone what I tell you, though I ask that you use descretion.

But not free as in easy, you will have to work, and to practice, and though I may tell you the basic concept it is up to you to develop the trick into and art, and then into a succession of such illusions as to make it entertaining. I give no guarantees, and I give no more of an explanation than I wish to. I am not obligated to see that you master what I teach.

The test of your ability is in how much you can bring to me from what I give to you. If I give you a penny and you show me 1 dollar, then you have succeeded. Then I will give you a dollar, when you bring back ten, we will continue this way until you are rich with knowledge.

Good Luck in Your search.

What I will be covering:

Cutting : False Cuts/Swing Cuts
Shuffling: In Jogs etc.
Corner Shorts.
The Pass, and some variations.
Ambitious Card Routine tricks.
Palming, Horizontal Palming and other concealment, Snap Change etc.
Flourishes :Springing,Dribbling,Ballet Cuts,Flipbacks to ballet cuts etc.